Bridget Baker

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Artist Statement

The first time I saw an exhibit of abstract art, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Bridget Baker ,Photo by Maryann Proctor

Bridget Baker ,Photo by Maryann Proctor

There are many different schools of abstract art and I feel most at home somewhere between Minimalism and Color Fields. I like Minimalism because it induces a feeling of tranquility; and Color Fields because it gives me free range to explore the full gamut of colors and textures. I feel this crossroads is where I can get comfortable enough to concentrate on content and composition while experimenting with materials and techniques.

I find myself drawn to organic shapes in a color palette from the shady side of the street. One of the things I enjoy most in life is change; so I like to paint transitional times of day – like dawn and dusk. I often incorporate tree lines and clouds for the same reason.

I plan to keep studying and experimenting until I arrive at some fusion of those things I love that will best support my creative expression.

You can contact Bridget at: or through the Blue Whole Gallery, Sequim Wa. and Heatherton Gallery in Port Angeles Wa.