Carl Baker

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Carl Baker developed his love for working in wood at an early age. As with most young junior high students of the 1950’s he was required to take shop classes and this is where he developed a love for turning wood as a means of artistic expression. After doing Military Service in the Navy and entering the work force as a clinical psychologist, his hobby of turning wood was put on hold until his retirement. Settling in the community of Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State he began to direct his attention to studying form and technique with several of the World best known turners. His love for wood turning took hold and became his passion.

Such knowledge along with traveling to most corners of the World where Art is encourage, his desire to seek out his own artistic expression has resulted in his wood turning creations. On this page and the next you will see samples of his creativity.

The “Natural Edge Maple Burl Bowl” pictured on this page reveals the woods colors, intricate patterns, and shape that is captured by the natural edge of the burl. Such details are kept by Carl to emphasize natures intricate patterns. Then Carl goes a step further by turning wood into a bowl that is so evenly thin and then piercing an edge pattern around it. To add to the delicate nature and lightness of this piece he air brushed butterflies and flowers on the exterior surface which becomes the title of his creation.

Another of Carl’s fantastic creations are Bottle Stoppers. This is where the artist sees wood and its potential to become a utilitarian object. By turning and sculpting the wood the artist is able to find expression and at the same time explore the woods inner soul to release its potential beauty. It becomes a work to be enjoyed by touch and sight. Carl has truly achieved such goals in turning wood into works of art.