Ken Dvorak

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One Hand Clapping Studio and Gallery is home to Ken Dvorak Fine Art Photography. I specialize in outdoor/nature photography. Most images are taken in the Crown of the Continent area with additional images taken in Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. I hope to enlarge the number of images from other national parks as time and opportunity allow. Iʼm currently taking images in the Olympic National Park and the Olympic Peninsula.
We (my wife ,our border collie, and our two cats) were located north of Seeley Lake, Montana. We lived on about ten acres of wooded property that is bordered by a seasonal creek and the Clearwater River. It was a very relaxing place to wander. My wife and I decided to move from Montana after our pets passed on and the work of snow removal and taking care of 10 acres of wood got to be to much for us.
Ken Dvorak image 1aWe are now located in sunny Sequim, Washington, caught between the mountains and the strait. We donʼt have to deal with all that work and are pursuing out passions.
There was a studio and gallery located in the back of our garage in Montana, but now it has moved into the den in our house,. The studio is where my images are transformed into prints and then matted and framed. Most images are also made into note cards. Matted and framed prints and note cards are for sale in the gallery. I have also been asked to join the Blue Whole Gallery in Sequim and will be showing and working in the gallery
I have been taking pictures for over thirty years. I retired in 2005 and became a year round resident of Montana. It was at this time that I decided to put a little more time and effort into my work. My goal is to be a “fine art nature photographer”. For me, this means that the images I produce are something that you will want to hang on your walls. Images that you will be proud to display andshow to your friends.
I call my studio “One Hand Clapping”, which is a Zen koan that I have always found intriguing. I feel that as one is previsualizing a photo that one needs to move into a state where you can hear the sound of One Hand Clapping. When I achieve that state I feel I capture the best images.
I invite you to stop in to see my work or just have a cup of coffee and talk about photography.
When you are in Sequim you can see my work at the Blue Whole Gallery or send me an email ( to make an appointment.

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