Terri Biondolino

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Artist Statement/Bio

I feel very fortunate that after retiring I have the chance to do what I love the most: creating.

3D sculptural needle felting encompasses all the food groups, you might say. Braising, felting and playing with chemicals for dyeing all keep me coming back to this art form.

There aren’t many art galleries yet that feature this kind of art so one of a kind and originality are terms to describe what you see here at The Blue Whole Gallery.

As a relatively new art form there aren’t a lot of established techniques so I’m forced to invent, modify and continually learn along the way. It’s that very same set of challenges I enjoy and what keeps me enthusiastic and in my studio every day. If I can invent a new method of creating something it’s wildly exciting enough to make me forget about making dinner; for the humans that is:[Jones the tyrannical cat never lets me forget about his dinner.]



Artist Statement/Bio (continued)

Originally from N. California, my husband and I transferred our careers to Boise in 1985 where I worked in Research and  Development at Hewlett Packard. Much to my surprise, that work has been beneficial in utilizing my development skills and laserjet color knowledge when  applying them to Sculpteral Needle Felting.
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After retirement we went on the road for several years in our converted & restored 1979 MCI, having the opportunity to see the USA from the Keys to Alaska, a great deal of Canada and a bit of Mexico.

Unllike my past textile works such as spinning and quilting, sculptural needle felting doesn’t take up as much room during travel so I had plenty of opportunity to perfect my work and my goal is and always has been to elevate this from crafting level to a fine art.

If I can make someone do a double take thinking an animal is real for just a moment, I’ve succeeded. If someone is compelled to study the work more, wondering how the fiber was coaxed into its new form, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

Animals are my passion and my favorite way to pay homage to them is with realism but occasionally I like to remind myself that we humans can sometimes take ourselves too seriously in the grand scheme of things: so that’s when I delve into whinsical or stylized work. It is a reminder to me that we’re only here for a short while and not to forget to laugh and enjoy life on this wonderous planet we live on.