Barbara Neswald

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Artist Statement

A career in advertising and marketing, as well as raising three children consumed my working years. It wasn’t until I retired that I had the leisure to take art classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts as well as the Fleisher Art Memorial, both in Philadelphia. Art was an early love, but my parents’ conviction that it was no way to make a living kept me from pursuing it seriously. I became a doodler: In meetings, on the telephone, on scraps of memo paper, down the side of newspapers. It was a joy to finally indulge in the rigors of learning various techniques, and participating in student exhibitions. I took every class I could get to, and found I really could work with color and brushes. I found that the pencil lines creating leaves and petals on the page curled and danced. I found that time went away when I was drawing or painting or sculpting. It created a whole new section of my life.

My maternal grandparents were farmers before they emigrated to the US. Living in New York City, my parents could only be fire escape farmers. There were always morning glories climbing around our windows from the various pots, as well as a variety of things coaxed from seed so we could watch them grow.  My father kept racing pigeons. We always had cats and dogs. Family trips to the Natural History Museum and the Bronx Zoo expanded my interest in plants and animals, and it is their shapes and colors and personalities I explore in my work today. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy the process of making it.


Retired from a 35 year career in advertising as copywriter creative director, and for the last 15 years before retirement as Director of Marketing for Clover Stores Division of Strawbridge & Clothier. Have received a total of three dozen advertising awards in that career.

Art Education: Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia; Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia; Wallingford Community Arts Center; Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles CA

Exhibitions: (partial listing)
PHS Flower Show with the PSBI group show, 2002 through 2014
The Highlands Historical Society, Ft. Washington PA (1998), (2013)
Fleisher Art Memorial (1998 through 2001, 2008, 2013, 2014)
PHS McLean Library, Philadelphia PA (2010, 2011, 2012)
Medford Leas Art Gallery, Medford Lake NJ (2010)
National Arboretum, Washington DC. (2003, 2004, 2005)
Maryland Orchid Society, Timonium MD (2005)
The Plastics Club, Philadelphia PA (1999) (2003)
Jenkins Arboretum, King of Prussia PA (2009)
Delaware Horticultural Society, Wilmington DE (2005)
Tyme Gallery, Havertown, PA (2004)
Heinz Wildlife Refuge Gallery, Tinicum, PA (2006)
ASFE Gallery, Philadelphia PA (2006)
Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster PA (2004)
NJ State Museum, Trenton NJ (2007)

Awards: (partial listing)
Sculpture First Prize Wallingford CAC for “Bison” soapstone (2004)
Second Prize for orchid botanical, Maryland Orchid Society for
“Cymbidium Mighty Remos”, watercolor (2005)
Second Prize for orchid botanical, NC Orchid Society, for
“Zygopetalum Artur Elle ‘Randy ’x Prom. Xanthine, watercolor (2004)
Benton Spruance Award for Excellence in Etching, “The Listener”, 1999