Janine Hegy



“My work is very active, dynamic. I really enjoy exploring the texture, color and feel of creating-even putting pieces together from different mediums.  Add this to my passion for tools, great mentors and deepening skill level-and what is happening is that my work is growing in leaps and bounds”

Background Training:Metal


Silversmithing-Lynn Hull/N. Seattle
Lost Wax Casting-Revere Academy SF
Goldsmithing-Andy Cooperman-Pratt/Seattle
Design & Production work in Bali, Mexico and Thailand Starting in 1989

Background Training: Stonework.

Member: Stone Foundation, Dry Stone Conservancy.

Continuing Study:

Patrick McAffee, Dry Stone Walling
Nathan Blackwell, Master Letterer
Zak Zakove, sculptor
Colleen Wilson, architectural Carving