Joyce Volmut

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Joyce started wood carving in 2003 when she retired from public health nursing and non profit work in establishing health access in Kansas. In May of 2013, she relocated to Sequim, Washington . She has concentrated on bird carving primarily, although she does also carve animals. Her work has been exhibited in several art galleries in Topeka Kansas, which are he Topeka Art Guild Gallery. Her goal in carving is to capture the essence of the bird in a realistic manner, paying particular attention to facial expression, feather layout and general demeanor of the bird. This is highlighted by her interest in ornithology, the anatomy, behavior and simple beauty of the bird as it performs daily functions.

“I am especially interested in striking a moment in time, that the general public can relate to, and incorporating natural habitat into the finished piece.”

Joyce has also taught bird carving at the Baker Woodcarving Seminar, at Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas and at the Soldier Creek Studio in Topeka. She carves everyday in her present studio in Sequim, .