Kathy Schreiner

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I was born in Iowa but moved to Hawaii in 1966. Living in Hawaii one becomes acutely aware of Mother Nature and her awesome beauty.  This beauty extends from the smallest grain of sand to the high mountain peaks , the deep blue of the Ocean and with flowers the colors of the rainbow all around.

Kathy Schreiner photo image 2a (3)We moved to Sequim in 1993 and I continued to be in touch with Mother Nature with long walks on the beach and the many trails on the Olympic Peninsula.  During these walks, I collect rocks and sea glass which I fashion into Jewelry.

I am a member of the Clallam County Gem and Mineral Association where I learned lapidary skills in addition to wire wrapping and metalsmithing.  My jewelry pieces are created from crystals and stones, both polished and in their natural state. I personally collect all my sea glass from the beaches located on the Olympic Peninsula.  Sea glass has been described as Mother Nature’s vanishing gems.

When creating my jewelry pieces, my objective is to enhance and present the beauty of stones and glass without overwhelming the piece with decorative additions.