Margo Hankel

Margo Hankel  Mr. John Elliott.jpgMargo Hankel Coffee Please.jpgMargo Hankel Emergence.jpgTim&Elizabeth.jpgCraig Ritchie.jpgMH%20-%20Beach%20Bottoms%20TO%20EMAIL.jpgMH%20-%20Madronna%20TO%20EMAIL (2).jpgMH%20-%20Mountains%20TO%20EMAIL.jpgMH%20-%20SNOW%20SCENE%20TO%20EMAIL.jpgMH%20-%20Tatoosh%20TO%20EMAIL.jpgHoneymoon Hideaway small.jpgLake Crescent small.jpgBalboa Park San Diego by Margo Hankel.JPGIris by Margo Hankel.JPGWho R U by Margo Hankel.JPGMH - Gails Garden - Cropped-001.jpgMargo Hankel - Hole in the Wall.jpgMargo Hankel - Little Fishes OS.jpgE FARM2.jpg

I find the beauty of this life overwhelming – persons, places and things – and am driven to express it in my art.  I choose watercolor as a medium because it is more compatible with keeping our world vibrantly alive and healthy.  Being a member of the Blue Whole Gallery allows me to work with others that are inspired to produce beautiful art to be shared in homes and offices to increase visual pleasure, comfort and awareness of the health and beauty of our Earth.  It is the only planet we have….. Margo Hankel