Priscilla Patterson

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I love the opportunity to work in detail in watercolor as well as a little more free flowing in oil. Shapes and values are the challenge which makes painting fun. Combining the intricacies of man made objects and transportation vehicles, particularly aircraft, with nature has been my focus for over 30 years.

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After living for 23 years on rugged Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska, Priscilla Messner- Patterson and her husband welcome views of farmland, mountains and seacoast as well as the sunny days of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley two hours northwest of Seattle.

While in Kodiak, Priscilla taught art at Kodiak College for nearly 18 years. She painted wildlife, landscapes and still life before she began specializing in aviation related subjects in 1994. She is an award winning member of the American Society of Aviation Artists. She is also a member of the Canadian Aviation Artists Association, the Northwest Air Force Art Association and the Coast Guard and Air Force Art Programs. Priscilla received her certification in Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement from Stuart Parks Forensics in Cataldo, Idaho. Her husband, a former Navy and U.S. Fish & Wildlife pilot is her “best friend, biggest help and toughest critic.”

Original paintings are featured in Alaska, Canada and the lower 48 states and have been exhibited in Great Britain and The Netherlands. Priscilla is one of forty women in business featured in the 2002 Alaska Journal of Commerce and has won numerous awards and honors in the aviation art community including the American Society of Aviation Artists, Simuflite and Aviation Week and Space Technology. She is the recipient of the 2012 Luther Y. Gore Distinguished Service Award presented by the American Society of Aviation Artists.

Recent ventures have led her to pursue music and she released her first solo CD in 2016.