Ryoko Toyama

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Freshwater Bay3_Acrylic (18 x 24) (PC).jpgCycle cherished_Acrylic (24 x 36).jpgMarch bloom 2_ wc on rice paper (20 x 16).JPGMoonFantasy_1a_Acrylic on canvas (10 x 8) (PC).JPGMt Baker in clear day_Acrylic (16 x 19.5) (PC).jpgNaoko 3_Acrylic (11 x 15).jpgNew Delta - Elwha Acrylic on bd (11x14).jpgPlein air 2015 May 1 (10 x 8) (PC).JPGSummer bouquet_Acrylic & WC (20 x 16) (PC).JPGTrail - Watercolor  on canvas (11 x 14).jpgWarm reception _Acrylic (16 x 13).jpgTransparent  mother earth_Acrylic (12 x 9).jpg

Painting is the active response to my world, past and present.  The creative process Ryoko Toyama painting outsideand its result move me; they give me tremendous joy. Inspiration comes from visible objects or concepts, animated or lifeless.  My creative process begins with the end in mind.  However, my work often takes its own course, producing the unexpected in a magical transition.

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