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2014 Blue Whole Gallery December Party!!!

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Featured Artists of the Month 2014

JanuaryKaren Rozbicki  Stringer Photography and Janine Hegy Stone work, jewelery etc.

February –Carol Janda,  Painting, Pottery and David Willis painting, woodworking.

March -Guest Artist Don Tiller, Paintings with Acrylic

April–Joyce Volmut  Wood Carving ,      Christian Speidel   Wood Carving

May-Steve Wry Potter                 Iris Edey Watercolor, Botanical

June—Group Show and Birthday Bash

July—Deb Sterk Oils and Acrylics       Margo Hankle, Watercolor

August–David Willis Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor     Pam Walker, Photography and Pastel

September—Lynne Armstrong  Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil   Debbie Cain Gourds Carving

October -Terianne Stratton Encaustics      Bud Bowling Assemblage

November--Karin Anderson Acrylic, Assemblage        Jan Tatom     Weaving

December–Gift Gallery