Best Of January Focus

As the chill of winter settles in, the Artists of the Blue Whole Gallery invite you to experience the warmth of artistic expression in their captivating window display throughout the month of January.

Despite the cold outside, the Blue Whole Gallery promises a cozy and inspiring environment for art enthusiasts to gather and immerse themselves in the creative beauty of both 2D and 3D art. The gallery’s talented artists have carefully curated a selection of their best works, transforming the windows into a vibrant exhibition that transcends the boundaries of the traditional gallery space.

At our January 5th First Friday event, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists in person, gaining insight into the creative processes and inspirations behind each masterpiece. The gallery serves as a melting pot of artistic talent, and this window display offers a glimpse into the diverse and thought-provoking world of contemporary art.

“We wanted to kick off the new year with a burst of creativity and provide our community with a visual feast,” says Barb Boerigter, a founding member of the Blue Whole Gallery. “Despite the cold weather, our gallery windows will radiate warmth and inspiration. It’s a wonderful way to start 2024 surrounded by the transformative power of art.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to jump-start your new year with a celebration of artistic talent and creativity. Visit the Blue Whole Gallery throughout January to witness the extraordinary works of local artists, and perhaps find the perfect piece to add to your own collection.

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