“Patience’s Monochrome Magic: A Student Artist’s Journey in Black and White Painting”

Please help us welcome Patience Edwards, our student artist of the month for April. Patience enjoys the challenge of painting with only black and white tones.

“As a budding artist, I am honored to be the student of the month. From starting as a self-taught sketch artist, I developed a liking for painting never really settling on one medium as I lacked the confidence of my creative abilities. Over the years I painted more and more developing a skill for painting animals of my liking. Last year as a freshman I was invited to the AP Art class by Mrs. Maxwell. It wasn’t until this year I was able to fit the class into my schedule. I now can independently be creative, but get the constructive criticism I need to better my skill.”

“Over the course of last year and this year I have  transferred my art skills to learn a new art style, Henna. I now own my own henna business and love sharing the art of it with others. As I learn more and more of art I grow in confidence of my future in art as I wish to be a tattoo artist.”

“This particular painting is Savage Shadows. This art piece is part of a series titled Untamed Shadows. Each painting in the series depicts a wolf from shadows displaying a different emotion.This series came to be from an old painting of mine I had done previously, using only black and white paint. I took it upon me to challenge myself to make the painting better. After I completed that task I wanted to continue challenging myself with painting only in black and white henceforth starting the series Untamed Shadows. I have become very fond of painting in only Black and White but also at times paint in color.”

To view Patience’s art and read more about her artistic journey visit the Blue Whole Gallery Mon-Sat 10-5pm, Sundays 11-3pm.

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