The Blue Whole Gallery is renowned for showcasing a wide array of artistic styles and forms. However, it often transforms into a hub of creative energy as artists take center stage in our artist demonstrations.

These events occur on select weekdays, with artists from various backgrounds and styles invited to create and exhibit their work in real-time. This unique concept has drawn art enthusiasts and curious onlookers, all eager to witness the artistic process unfold before their eyes.

What truly sets the artist demonstrations at the Blue Whole Gallery apart is the interactive element. Visitors are not merely spectators; they are encouraged to engage with the artists, ask questions, and even participate in collaborative projects. This interaction fosters a deeper appreciation for art and a sense of community that extends beyond the gallery’s walls.

The Blue Whole Gallery’s artist demonstrations have become a source of inspiration and education for emerging artists, providing a platform to learn from established creators. Moreover, they have attracted both novice and experienced art collectors, who see these events as an opportunity to discover unique pieces and connect with the artists personally.

Our artist demonstrations are always free and open to the public.