Lynne Armstrong

My art is about light, the movement and play of light on form. How can painter achieve the pure emotion evoked by music or the stimulation and excitement of a moving film image in a painting? “Sei Do” is the Japanese principle meaning the “transfusion into the work of art the felt nature of the thing to be painted”.

Lynne Armstrong

I completed a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Painting at Cornell University and a Masters in Art History at Stanford. For one year I was a student at the Academia di Belle Arte in Florence, Italy, before completing my comprehensive examinations for a Ph.D. in Art History at Stanford. I have taught art in college, high school and elementary school.

I work in the mediums of watercolor, oil, acrylic and clay. My pieces are in many private collections in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe.

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My art is currently represented by the Blue Whole Gallery in Sequim, Washington.

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