Carol Janda

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I grew up in western Maryland, graduated from Frostburg University in 1952 and taught public school in Maryland, Montana and Alaska. The spectacular landscape and isolation of Yellowstone and Glacier Bay, Alaska encouraged me to study watercolor through books and practice. Many of the paintings of the last ten years have been scenes from Olympic National Park and the Peninsula.

I enjoy teaching watercolor, participating in Blue Whole Art Gallery and Waterfront Art Gallery activities. Works in clay, part of my art activities since childhood, have become equally important recently.

I have studied with Del Gish, Morris Shubin, Bob Landry, Chris Schink, Carol Barnes, Erik Weigardt, Leo Smith, Tom Nicholas, and Arne Westerman, Carla O’Connor. I am a Signature Member of Northwest Watercolor Society, Sequim Arts and Director of Waterfront Art Gallery.

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Contact Carol at 360-452- 4234 for a studio appointment or to inquire about buying any of these pieces.