Macaria D. Patapoff (Debbie)

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Artist Statement/Bio

Inspired by the fleeting and organic designs of nature, Macaria’s artwork embodies those precious and elegant moments caught in time. Her jewelry captures the appreciation of organic designs with the brilliance of silver luster. She crafts wearable pieces of art for people who ambitiously strive to be unique. The exclusive necklaces, rings, and bracelets she creates convey her command and artistic revolution into the art of silversmithing.

Born in the Midwest, Macaria has always been artistic, from teaching Alaskan Native children the art and culture of their own peoples with the Johnson O’Malley program of Alaska to working backstage in costume design for Chugach Heritage Center in Seward, Alaska. She has also worked with custom stained glass to custom beadwork in Colorado and Alaska.  Her most recent passion for silversmithing has been over 10 years in the actual making, but has always dreamed of working with silver. Currently living in Sequim, Washington you can find her work at the Sequim Farmers Market on Saturdays, May through October.