Hank Iszley

Artist Bio

My artistic endeavors began in High school Art classes where the
paintings and sculptures I created were displayed and sold. I pursued this field in a more technical manner when I graduated from Boeings’ Aircraft Design and Drafting Class with top honors. Granted drafting is not very closely related to artistic drawing, but it kept me with pencil in hand. Later I became a Machinist, which again is not too artistic, however, with time on my hands as my mill ran, I was able to sculpt using the clay meant for keeping the coolant from running off the machine. One piece in particular I created, was cast into 20 bronze busts of a cowboy I named “Festus”.

Early in the 70’s I discovered my love of photography. I was so taken by it that I found a job in a West Seattle camera store to learn more on the subject. Within a year, I was teaching composition at the store.  While working there, I was privileged to take home and try out various brands and format sizes of cameras. It was then that I made my first big investment in 35mm.

Still, manufacturing was where more money to be made was, so I gravitated back into that world. This became my mainstay career till today. These days I run my own business called “HV-EYES”. Being the sole proprietor of this business, my position is artistic in nature. I sculpt metal on a computer into airplane parts. Granted, I am not designing what I sculpt, but just like the artisans of old, I am replicating what others have imagined. These are complex engineered parts that once completed, travel through the air at 600 MPH, so they have to be exactly right. I hold tolerances the thickness of your hair daily.

Over the years my love of photography never diminished. Everywhere I go, I am on the lookout for a great picture, and I have many. My interests typically lie in nature photo’s, but my trained eye catches lines, and shapes, shades, and spaces, that are just plain beautiful.

I own in the neighborhood of 40 cameras. Most are part of my collection of old, and collectable cameras.  My latest investment is known as a “Bridge camera”. It is called that because it bridges between wide angle and big telephoto without changing lenses. My camera reaches from 24mm to a whopping 600mm. All of this through a “top of the line” Zeiss lens (they make the finest quality in the world” lenses. This camera will shoot 30 fps and autofocus on each frame individually. So needless to say, I get some really cool pic’s with it.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my work. It spans over 50 years of photography. All of us who enjoy the passion of photography would agree. Your bound to get a “GOOD ONE”. I have many.