Classes for 2023

Debbie Cain teaches her Gourd Art in workshops.  For information contact Debbie at

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Taking Wartercolor to a Whole New Level

My name is Shirley Rudolf, and my lifelong dream was to paint with watercolors so I took six years of semi-private lessons from an accomplished artist in the area where I lived. My paintings reflect my confidence and expression through the use of vibrant colors and captured details. Please visit my website to see the works I created.
Since I no longer teach the “basics in watercolor”—I do lend my expertise to watercolorists who have the passion and want to progress to a higher level in painting. Usually areas in need of improvement are (1) where to place highlights/shadows, (2) using the Push N Pull technique to avoid flat paintings, and (3) overworking the paper. Most these problems can be corrected with a few lessons I offer. Please contact me at for more information.