July Exhibition Jeannine Chappell and June Smith

Theme: A Walk in the Woods

Jeannine Chappell and Jane Smith are totally different when it comes to their art. Jeannine
paints with acrylic on panel and paper. Jane is a gourd artist and paints repurposed items like tea
pots. But they share one source of inspiration, the woods.
Jeannine has a lifelong association with the woods. A native of Georgia with its southern pines,
she lived many years in the San Francisco Bay Area among the live oaks. Trees have been a
source of inspiration for her. Here on the lush Olympic Peninsula, she has created her current
series of abstract tree paintings. In these works, she pays homage to trees as the source of life
and oxygen, and as the provider of shelter and protection. Through her paintings, Jeannine
invites the viewer to take a walk in the woods of her imagination.
Jane was born in Hawaii among tropical trees but most of her life has been spent in the
somewhat treeless desert southwest. Having lived in Washington twice before, she was very
happy that retirement brought her back to the forest she had longed to be near. When Jane gets
stuck on a project or is lacking inspiration, she heads for the woods to clear her head. She loves
the silence and finds a walk in the woods stimulates her senses and her creativity. She is quickly
“unstuck” and back to work on one of her favorite projects, incorporating pine needles in her
gourd art.
Both Jeannine and Jane are very active in the management of Blue Whole Gallery. Jeannine
serves as the corporate secretary and Jane is the treasurer.

Our Changing Exhibitions

Art galleries serve as creative hubs where artists can showcase their work and art enthusiasts can appreciate the diversity of artistic expressions. While every piece of art deserves attention, our gallery, like many others, has adopted a special practice known as our Featured Artist of the Month. This spotlight not only provides recognition for the artist but also enriches the gallery’s offerings and the overall experience for visitors. Our changing exhibitions also include area students, educators and group shows that periodically benefit community non-profit organizations.

The practice of featuring an artist each month at an art gallery is a win-win for artists, galleries, and visitors. It helps promote diversity, fosters new talent, engages the community, and keeps the gallery experience fresh and exciting. For artists, being featured is an opportunity to gain exposure and validation while connecting with a wider audience. For visitors, it offers a constantly evolving and enriching art experience. The spotlight truly shines bright on both the artists and the galleries when this tradition is embraced.

2024 Exhibitions

January: Best of the Blue Whole Gallery

February: Sheri Whetstine

March: Marilyn Hiestand and John Bertholl

April: Mary Franchini and Jennifer Rose

May: Molly White and Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser

June: Blue Whole Gallery Birthday Artist Celebration

July: Jane Smith and Jeannine Chappell

August: Jolene Sanborn and Janet Piccola

September: Mike Middlestead and Julie Senf

October: Terri Biondolino and Group display: Jeff Considine, Shayna Robnett, Randy Tierney

December: Holiday group display

Best Art Gallery

Our gallery was once again voted Best Art Gallery of the Peninsula in Clallam County. We sincerely thank our everyone who voted for us once again to have this award. We are honored!

Pictured are various artists of the Blue Whole Gallery holding Steve Wry’s magical creations.