Fabric Art, Mixed Media, Watercolor 

website: https://wovenwindfiber.art/

email: [email protected]

phone: 360-565-6226

I was born in August of 1949 in Arkansas City, Kansas. I have always been drawn to the world of fiber arts. I learned the craft from my mother at a young age and have been creating with fiber ever since. Throughout my career, I have also been a dedicated school teacher, having taught in six different states. However, my passion for art has never waned, and I have continued to develop my skills in mixed media, particularly in fiber fabric. 

My work often centers around nature and its various forms, which I enjoy adopting as themes in my collages. I use vibrant colors and textures to create pieces that are both varied and visually engaging. 

Despite my years of experience, I am always striving to improve my knowledge of visual arts techniques. My goal is to continue learning and growing as an artist, so that I may continue to express myself in new and exciting ways. 

Overall, my work reflects my love of fiber arts, my admiration for the beauty of nature.