Oil, stone, mixed media

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phone: (424) 247-3060

As a lifelong creative originally from the confines of Southern California, the freedom I have experienced in the ocean has led me to explore a variety of water-related endeavors and creative outlets. Whether painting, sculpting, photographing, building surfboards, or writing, there is an element of my work tethered to the ocean. Through painting, I enjoy expressing the raw emotions the ocean and the horizon reflect to me. When sculpting, I play with ideas of fluidity and permanence. While taking photos, I try to remove the human element of water-centered images and leave room for interpretation. With building surfboards, I create equipment that allows the self-expression of distinct lines. And by writing, I aim to provide a more intimate and literal view of the world through my lens. 

My love for creativity, solitude, and surfing, lured me up the west coast to Oregon and on to Alaska, where I earned a BA in Outdoor Studies from Alaska Pacific University. I continue to enjoy and am endlessly inspired by my oceanic pursuits, often of the cold water variety. Recently relocated to the Olympic Peninsula and planting roots west of Port Angeles, my soulmate and I are embarking on the radical journey of fatherhood. Through my artistic practice and outdoor adventures, I aim to be an example for my son on how to live a creative, adventurous, and fulfilling life.