Sumi Ink Painting

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I became fascinated with Chinese brush painting after taking sumi lessons in 2011. My art adventure has introduced me to many Washington artists, art courses locally and classes at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds, YouTube videos, and many art books and art supplies. Untamed curiosity impels me to learn, try out techniques and mostly to just play.

The sumi style I favor is inspired by the Ling-Nan masters beginning in the 19th Century. It is characterized by spontaneity, spare expressive brush strokes, the use of ink and watercolor, crafted rice and mulberry papers, and use of the ink chop (stamp ). My Chinese Brush Painting home library includes Chao Shao An, Xu Wei, Au Ho-Nien, Ning Yeh and many other masters.

I also explore and paint watercolors often at my home in Sequim, Washington and with the Port Townsend Urban Sketchers. Being outdoors in the Pacific Northwest is always inspiring.