Fractal Art

Dan Brewer started messing around with computers in 1970. When he stumbled upon fractals he began to explore how they are made. The early personal computers (PC) took a painfully long time to process and render their images. A single change could take nine hours. However, as processing chips got faster and the fascinating fractal world continued to draw him back, his interest in building computers grew. Seven PCs later these monster computers had whittled that nine hours per change down to five minutes. 

Dan’s fractal work remains true to the generating equations. It has no layering or partial editing of color. Nor is it redrawn, touched up or painted in or out of the computer. 

These images are generated from sets of numbers processed through algorithms and plotted on grids. This produces a pattern known as a “fractal”.  

From this fascinating beginning the images are sized and cropped into the colorful visions you see in his pieces. “I hope you find them as pleasing as I find them compelling.”