Layered Glass Sculpture, Glass Water Sculptures 

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Ever since I was a child I have been mesmerized by the translucent beauty of stained glass. All grown up now, I still am allured by its magic: the dance of light with glistening textures and rich, bold colors captivates me. 

I enjoy taking risks and experimenting. Several years ago I invented a novel approach, with pleasing results: I layer the glass. Not only does this technique give a three dimensional aspect, it adds a rich complexity to my designs. 

My current subject matter reflects my deep love for the wild landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. I especially enjoy using a rippled glass called ‘water-glass’. When natural light shines through it, the blue hues shimmer, and give the sensation of gazing upon sunlit waters. 

My creative expression seems to always be evolving. I make it a point to reflect on what part of it brings me the most joy. And I keep steering in that direction. My delight in the beauty of glass has guided me thus far, and I am glad, for my brain cells still light up with pleasure when I behold its magic. 


Flowing water is the central element of each watersculpture. Its gentle sound is very calming to the nervous system. 


Recently I have enjoyed creating “layered glass” pieces that are intended to be placed on windowsills. When sunlight streams through them, they come alive. 

My method of layering the glass to create a three-dimensional sculpture is original. I developed it to spare myself the toxic lead soldering that is required with stained glass. Especially delightful is the use of waterglass: its undulations give the impression of peering into a watery realm.