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phone: 209-304-6795

Janet Piccola is a local potter who enjoys creating pottery on the potter’s wheel as well as creating art using slab-built techniques and sculptural techniques.

Janet discovered her love for ceramics after she retired from the fire service in the Sacramento area of CA.  Her original wheel-throwing lessons expanded to include an apprenticeship at a historical pottery studio in the CA foothills.

In 2014 Janet moved to WA with her husband Frank.  She set up a studio at their home and has been busy creating ceramic art ever since.

Creating art pieces on the potter’s wheel (Wheel-throwing) is the foundation for most of Janet’s creations.  Occasionally the piece is altered after it’s been thrown on the wheel.  Glazing, carving, and altering pieces gives Janet’s artwork it’s unique look (and feel).

Among the various firing techniques, Janet enjoys the occasional RAKU firing.  This firing technique takes the ceramic piece out of the kiln while white-hot (1850°F) and either placing in a galvanized container with combustible materials for a reduced oxygen atmosphere or applying horsehair and feathers to the super-heated piece for that carbonized effect.

Occasionally Janet will try her hand at sculpture.  The sculpture piece may be whimsical or realistic and sometimes abstract.