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I was born in Washington State with a strong family history of very creative people. At the age of two my family moved to the amazing wilderness of Alaska where I spent my young childhood in the great outdoors exploring and imagining. It was there at the age of 8 that I discovered drawing in an art class attended with my mother. Although the God given ability to create was realized the desire to explore and interact with nature was stronger. At the age of 12 my family moved to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where I have remained, exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Periodically during my young adulthood I experimented with art in an occasional class or on my own but the desire to bring it to the forefront was not yet there.  

I met my husband and avid supporter while attending college and have since raised two wonderful children who are exploring their own worlds and discovering their places in it. Since becoming an empty nester I have discovered the time to enter the creative side of my brain and let it slowly emerge.   

It has been a wonderful time of discovery and with the encouragement of family and friends I have ventured out to share my art with others. I have worked in the business field for most of my adult life with emphasis in bookkeeping, computers and operations management. You can see this intricate and detailed mindset in many of my paintings and drawings.    

My artwork can now be found in homes all over the world and some paintings are internationally known not only for their popularity but as award winners in local and international competitions. My greatest joy is when someone connects with and enjoys one of my art pieces on a personal level bringing a smile or even tears to their face.  

I am online with Fine Art America/Pixels for International customers & products that can be self customized. https://julie-senf.pixels.com/