February 2018

Join us for our February First Friday Celebration!!

Grace, Beauty, and Attitude of Birds

Featured artists of the month of February are Jeannine Chappell (digital painter) and Joyce Volmut (sculptor). They will showcase the beauty and spirit of birds in the art form. The gallery welcomes the community to this unique exhibit, elegant and powerful, guiding the viewers to the world of fine art with joy.

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Joyce Volmut


Jeannine Chappell

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Joyce Volmut

The art of woodcarving can be quite daunting at times but the challenge is always rewarding and I am forever in awe of the grace, beauty, and attitude of birds in flight.


         Student Artist of the Month of February

      “The Face”
   Alissa Lofstrom
…….student at

Sequim High School.                           







Jannine Chappell

Jeannine’s digital paintings combine the spontaneity of working on a paper with the editing capabilities of the computer. She creates a drawing or quick painting on paper, scans it into the computer, and edits it in Photoshop.  She works in multiple layers, which allows her to manipulate one portion of the image separately, e.g., to darken or change the color, size or shape of a portion without affecting the rest of the image.  The computer work is by far the majority of the time spent on an image.