September 2017

Join us for First Friday September 1 to Celebrate our new show.

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David Tinsley
Bridget Baker


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2017 Group Photo

David Tinsley

Working as an artist helped me find a place in the world, a way to connect, to realize that I have  something to offer, to touch others through the spirit of the work.  Inspirations come from the life source itself. I feel that the objects that make up our environment have a profound effect on our soul. These objects deserve recognition and honor. Their roles should be evocative and provocative. They should allow us to relax with them and challenge us to make lofty ideas.
I approach my designs with enthusiasm and wonder always taking it a little further and asking “What if”






Bridget Baker

  I agree with the old adage “life imitates art.” In order to be an accurate imitation of life, art will have some imperfections.  Maybe you encounter some awkward angles, or lines that run out before they reach their intended destination, or perhaps shadows in unexpected places.  I don’t plan the imperfections in my paintings, I start with a vision but somewhere along the way the painting seems to begin moving on its own path. Of course I have the option of painting over the parts that don’t come out as envisioned, but I don’t always do that.  In fact usually when I look at the finished painting I realize that it is the imperfections that make it interesting. Make room in your life for art. It is as much a component of life as love or friendship or the adventure you would have missed out on if you were overly concerned about the outcome.


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