January 2017

In celebration of the New Year, the Blue Whole Gallery presents a group show titled “Back to Basics: Black and White.” The show curated by Nancy Lawrence and Karin Anderson.  Come join us on First Friday, January 6, to Celebrate the New Year, New Group Show and of course the New Gallery Show.

Group Show

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Natural Hourglass by Karen Rozbicki   Stringer.jpgSnowcover by Bridget Baker.JPGRaku by Nancy Lawrence%2c sumi-e by   Ryoko Toyama%2c necklace by Kathy Schreiner.jpgVase by Greg Felando%2c pendant by  Kathy Schreiner%2c leather bag by Jan Tatom%2c sumi-e by Ryoko Toyama.jpgWith an eye toward Cephus by Joyce  Volmut.jpgMatrix 2 by Terry Grasteit.jpg







 Student Artist of the Month
Adrienne Haggerty


First Friday Group Show

 This show reveals the challenge presented when limiting the palette.  The bold graphic punch of black and white that stimulates and sharpens the mind is modified by soft tones of grey, which lull one into a reflective meditative mood.  This dichotomy asks, what is going on here.  Enjoy this challenging group show in the front windows through the month of January. 


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