April 2017

Join us for First Friday April 7 to celebrate our new show and Artist of the Month

Just me!  Plants and Animals
Featured artists of the month of April are Mary Franchini (2 dimensional artist and art teacher) and Barbara Neswald (2 and 3 dimensional artist).  Mary Franchini, contemporary artist, teacher and juror for regional shows, will include self-portraits in her window.  Barbara Neswald, a recent transplant to the Peninsula from Philadelphia, will showcase plants and animals.  For years, Barbara has been known for her commitment to Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators.  Two veteran artists will create what they see and imagine, taking viewers to the world of fine arts filled with joy. 
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Barbara Neswald

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.Mary Franchini

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“Burning the White Rhino”

Aubree Young

Student Artist of the Month

In 2016 the Northern White rhino became extinct which deeply saddened me. I created this piece as a memorial to the species. The candles represent the memory, the smoke represents the rhino being smothered and the jewelry wrapped around the horn represents the witchcraft behind the poaching.


Barbara Neswald

Barbara is a recent transplant to the Peninsula, arriving last June from Philadelphia. Her work is realistic and is treated as portraiture, each picture representing a distinct individual.  Simply named “Plants and Animals”, the pieces in this show were completed in either watercolor or Prismacolor pencil. Some original stone sculptures of animals are included.






Mary Franchini

“Just Me”!  I continue to go through my old partially finished work and either complete them or absolutely let them go.  After looking at a partially finished work from a class at Peninsula Collage nearly 20 years ago, a self-portrait and very large, with a bit of encouragement, I did finish it.  It has been very satisfying to finish the large piece so I decided to show it and others in my window in April.


Hailey Kapeton
Red-Tailed Hawk


Birdfest Participant
Hailey Kapeton




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