Janet Piccola to Conduct Live Pottery Wheel Demonstration at Blue Whole Gallery

The Blue Whole Gallery is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for art enthusiasts to witness the mesmerizing process of pottery creation on a potter’s wheel. Join us for an exclusive live demonstration by the artist, Janet Piccola, as she unveils the secrets of her craft on Saturday, January 20, 2024 from 1-3pm at the Blue Whole Gallery.

Janet is a local potter who enjoys creating pottery on the potter’s wheel as well as creating art using slab-built techniques and sculptural techniques. She discovered her love for ceramics after she retired from the fire service in the Sacramento area of CA.  Her original wheel-throwing lessons expanded to include an apprenticeship at a historical pottery studio in the CA foothills. In 2014 Janet moved to WA with her husband Frank.  She set up a studio at their home and has been busy creating ceramic art ever since.

For this demonstration, Janet will be guiding attendees through the journey of shaping clay into forms on a potter’s wheel. This interactive and educational event invites visitors to witness the transformation of raw clay into stunning vessels, each bearing the imprint of the artist’s unique vision.

The Blue Whole Gallery warmly welcomes everyone to this fun event. Whether you are an avid art collector, a budding artist, or simply curious about the art of pottery, join us for an unforgettable experience.

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