All You Need is Love (and a kiln)

The Blue Whole Gallery is pleased to invite you to meet our featured artist for February – Sheri Whetstine. Sheri will be sharing her artwork in the front window for the entire month. Come and meet her during First Friday Art Walk on February 2nd from 5-8pm.

Since 2006, Sheri has been exploring the possibilities kiln-formed glass offers, limited only by her imagination. “I love how a solid, flat piece of glass can be transformed into a thing of beauty either by intent or chance, just using heat and time,” says Sheri.

Sheri can create for a desired effect by cutting pieces of glass and arranging them with a specific design in mind, or by putting random pieces together and letting fate decide the outcome.

There may be clean, precise lines and edges or organized chaos. “I love to tackle new ideas, try new techniques, and learn something new each day,” she explains.

Sheri is a retired firefighter from hot southern California. It’s no wonder she loves to work with kilns that heat glass to 700 degrees! She currently lives in Agnew with her husband and their three bloodhounds.

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