“Capturing the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest: A Brush with Nature in Oil”

We are thrilled to welcome Shayna Robnett, a talented new oil painter to our Blue Whole Gallery! Shayna brings a fresh perspective to the canvas with her captivating use of oils. Her masterful brushwork in her landscapes reflect her keen eye for detail. As Shayna describes in her biography, she is relatively new to painting, but it has brought her a new way to see the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

“Three years ago, I painted on a canvas for the very first time. Shortly after I began painting, I came to the realization that the true beauty of the world was hidden from me as if I had blinders on. Oil painting is delicate, consisting of many layers. As my love for oil painting grew, so did my perception of everything around me. I never noticed small details in the environment, I never paid attention to the ways in which the sky can cast such a gentle glimmer on trees, sticks, stones, streams and individual blades of grass. It is truly mesmerizing, staring at nature and truly seeing the hues, values, tones and depth that the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer us. Today, because of art, I can see.

It is easy to be captivated by the beauty that the Olympic Peninsula has to offer. I can find inspiration almost anywhere. It could be a puddle, stone, tree or branch to most, but to me it is an intricate piece of a detailed landscape that helps our eyes perceive the beauty of the whole image.

I hope to inspire others to truly observe the world around them and to be able to see the beautiful things that are so often overlooked. I hope that my art brings even more beauty into this world and that it helps inspire other people to paint, draw, sculpt, build, or craft. I believe an artist could be hidden inside someone, like me, without even knowing it. It has been one of my biggest blessings that I found my love of art, the puzzle piece I didn’t know I was missing.”

Join us in celebrating Shayna to our gallery family. We urge you to come see her artwork for yourself during our Blue Whole Gallery hours Mon-Sat 10-5pm, Sundays 11-3pm.

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