Crafted Elegance: A Box Woodworker Joins the BWG

Jeff Considine, a handcrafted woodworker specializing in intricate wooded boxes has joined the Blue Whole Gallery. Each box is a wooden marvel and tells a story of patience, precision, and passion.

“I came to woodworking genetically.My father was a wood carver. Everything he made had a purpose, but he took his own approach on each piece,” says Jeff. ” Like many others, my first entry into woodworking arose out of necessity. In the course of numerous household projects when we couldn’t afford to pay someone else to make them for us. Cabinets, chests, chairs, and a variety of other needs with limited funds drove me to learn to make them myself.”

After an injury, Jeff discovered the joy of making things with hand tools. “Other than the stereo in my shop and a power drill, I use exclusively me-powered tools. I have made, and will continue to make larger furniture projects, but there is a special joy in making a box. They can be as simple or as complex as I choose to make them, but each one presents a challenge to apply my skills to produce something useful.”

We invite you to visit the gallery and view these boxes that transcend functionality and have become objects of art in their own right. The Blue Whole Gallery is open Mon-Sat 10-5pm, Sundays 11-3pm.

13 thoughts on “Crafted Elegance: A Box Woodworker Joins the BWG

  1. Julie Hembree Post authorReply

    These boxes are like a portal to another world! So amazing!

  2. Janet Piccola Reply

    These boxes are a joy to explore. The hand-crafted joining and finishes all work together to make very unique art. I particularly enjoy the hidden features not obvious at a casual glance.

  3. Deborah Reply

    Jeff’s craftsmanship and artistry is exquisite.
    I am so impressed with these beautiful hand-crafted boxes.
    Honestly, the word “boxes” doesn’t seem to be quite the right word:
    They are more like miniature “treasure chests.”
    Not only are they gorgeous to behold, but they are FUN!
    I find delight in opening all the drawers and lifting all the lids to peer inside to the (perfectly geometrical) little spaces.
    My inner kid suspects that there is a treasure hiding somewhere in there… They have an exotic—and rather magical –feel about them. A perfect home for a wish-fulfilling genie!

  4. Randy Tierney Reply

    His boxes are imaginative, whimsical and unique boxes of fine woods. And his Japanese puzzle boxes are fun.

  5. Jeannine Chappell Reply

    Wonderful craftsmanship as well as aesthetics.

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