Kimberly Heintz – February Student of the Month

The Blue Whole Gallery is pleased to announce that Kimberly Heintz is our February Student of the Month. Kim shared her thoughts about art with us.

“I’m a junior at Sequim High School. I started my art process in my freshman year with ceramics. That was where I discovered my love for 3D art. This year I am very excited to be in AP Studio Art and have so many mediums available. 

“Paul” I made in my freshman year out of clay. I used various stamps to create the big scales and a roller to make the small scaley texture. My inspiration from this piece came from those singing bass fish. I saw a movie or show with one in it at some point and during the year when I was planning out my next project, I was reminded of it. I thought it would be funny if I made one and then it came together really nice and remains one of my favorites!”

To view Kimberly’s art and read more about her artistic journey, visit the Blue Whole Gallery Mon-Sat 10-5pm and Sundays 11-3pm.

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